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Welcome to Ralph Foulger's School of Real Estate!

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CE Classes Starting May 10th

Ralph Foulger's School of Real Estate, (Ralph is also the former owner of the Hawaiian School of Real Estate, established in 1972) is a source of real estate education and training for many of Hawaii's most successful real estate agents and firms.

General Information:

Our mission is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate legally and ethically in the real estate field. We do this by teaching the information required by the State's Real Estate Commission for certification as a real estate licensee. We aim to give students the information needed to analyze material, fact situations and exam questions to reason out the proper response. We don't teach to the exam.


The areas of study are prescribed by the Hawaii Real Estate Commission and include licensing laws, history of Hawaiian real estate, property description, real property interests, land conveyancing, agency, contracts, financing and valuation, taxes, closing and settlement statements, Landlord/Tenant Code, Time-sharing, information sources, real estate math and others.

Entrance Requirements:

There are no entrance requirements for sales candidates except that in order to be licensed, a candidate must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen or resident alien. (Broker candidates should contact the Real Estate Commission for an Experience Certificate before registering for classes.)

Costs and Method of Payment:

See the student application form for current prices. Students may pay for classes with cash, check, or money order. Payment in full is expected at the start of class. In some cases, the instructor may allow payment plans. In the case of a payment plan, there must be full payment prior to the class exam date.

Refund Policy:

Students who have paid and wish to drop from the class prior to the start of the first class, need to contact the school at least 48 hours before the first class for a full refund. Students wishing to withdraw after that time will be charged a $25.00 application fee, the costs of any textbooks or materials not returned in new condition and a pro-rata fee for the balance of the tuition paid. Classes started with less than ten students will not receive a refund, but will receive credit for attending a future class within the next twelve month period.


Instructors are Hawaii licensed real estate brokers who have been certified by the Real Estate Commission. Ralph Foulger has been a Hawaii real estate licensee since 1972. He holds the Certified Property Manager designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management and was designated a nationally certified instructor with the same organization in 1997. Mr Foulger is the owner and principle instructor for the school. Other instructors are also well qualified and certified.

Textbooks and Materials:

The school is currently using the Principles and Practices of Hawaiian Real Estate by Vitousek and Reilly in addition to handouts provided by the school.

Classes and Attendance:

Students are required to attend at least 80% of all classes to qualify for the pre-license certificate. Students that are unable to attend a particular class session, may be able to make up the missed class at an alternate location on an alternate classdate, depending upon class schedules. The school reserves the right to deny further attendance from the school for failure to conform with school policies or for rude or disruptive behavior.


The school does not observe most Federal and State holidays. Students will be given a course schedule at the start of the course.

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State law does not permit the school to guarantee placement after completion of the class. The instructor or others will offer career counseling and questions to ask a potential employer during the interview process.


If a student fails the schools' final exam he/she cannot be certified to sit for the State exam or receive a school completion certificate. A student who fails the course may re-take the course anytime within the next twelve month period at one half the tuition rate in effect at the time of re-taking the class. If new study materials or textbooks are required, those costs will be extra.

State Exam:

The state exam is offered and administered by a private testing agency. Students are responsible for applying directly to the testing agency for the state exam. The school will provide application information to the students.



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